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    Summit Software works with manufacturing companies and wholesale distribution companies in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. We sell and implement ERP software to make sure all of the company's business data resides in a single comprehensive system and the shop floor, factory, warehouse, back office and sales people are all on the same page and redundancy is eliminated.

    Here are some indicators that companies are likely using obsolete software technology that is costing them money every single day.

    • Data scattered inefficiently over several systems and/or spreadsheets instead of consolidated into a single comprehensive system. The result of scattered data is typically a great deal of redundant data entry.

    • Software does not support users' need to multi-task by allowing an unlimited number of screens to be open across all modules.

    • Software has insufficient data query tools making finding data very time consuming.

    • Software does not allow customizations to cost effectively be migrated from version to version.

    • Inability to automatically and instantly email sales quotes, sales orders, invoices and POs to customers and vendors.

    Our "day" job is to sell and implement ERP software but we're also a very active networkers with a large network of contacts with a wide range of expertise in the manufacturing sector. We use our experience and contacts to help solve common problems a lot of manufacturing and other industrial companies are facing these days. These