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Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union

Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union


About Us

Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union was organized and chartered in 1935 by a small group of employees of the DuPont Chambers Works, Deepwater, NJ. The credit union grew steadily through the years serving the Chamber Works employees and their families. The credit union began to expand its field of membership in 1990. Currently the employees and families of over 110 different companies, and non-profit organizations enjoy membership in the Credit Union. In 1995, the Credit Union moved its office space from Chambers Works to its current location at 565 North Broadway in Deepwater, NJ. With this larger facility the Credit Union has continued to grow and develop better services and products for its members. Deepwater currently serves 9,000 members and has over $90 million in assets. In 2017, the credit union has continued to expand opening two new branches in the Woodstown and Logan Township Acme stores.


Deepwater Branch - Outside View
Main Branch Lobby - 1
Main Branch Lobby - 2
Main Branch Lobby - 3
Woodstown Branch - 1
Woodstown Branch Grand Opening
Logan Township Branch

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