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About Us

South Jersey Times/NJ Advance Media is a data-driven marketing agency and the #1 provider of local news in New Jersey. Being a modern, dynamic media company, we deliver timely news, sports and entertainment across all platforms and devices. We engage millions of people through quality journalism on South Jersey News - NJ.com, social channels and in newsletters and print publications, including The Star-Ledger and other daily and weekly newspapers. As a data-driven marketing agency, we have unsurpassed digital and data capabilities. We can help you build your business, improve your market share, and achieve lasting results.
A successful marketing strategy for your business requires more than great technology. You also need a partner deeply committed to innovation. South Jersey Times/NJ Advance Media is a disruptor. We push our technology to its limits, test boundaries, and challenge ourselves to think differently, looking for new ways to help our clients better understand who their customers are, what they value, and how to reach them.
Let’s talk about your business—what drives you, who your customers are, and what you hope to achieve. Then, we’ll help you develop a customized campaign designed to elevate your brand and meet your specific goals.
As New Jersey’s leading source of news and information, we already have deep relationships with your current and potential customers, and a trusted following built over generations that we can impart to you.

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