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South Jersey Port Corporation


Public Utilities & Environment

About Us

The South Jersey Port Corporation (SJPC) provides world-class facilities and beneficial services which support and accommodate the transportation of goods and commodities, both by water and by land. It is the mission of the SJPC to foster regional economic development for the benefit of our Port District, including the cities of Camden and Salem, New Jersey.

Therefore, as a company, The South Jersey Port Corporation is dedicated to upholding the following principles and goals:

Work in partnership with both State and private entities to complement their functions and capabilities, as well as enhance our regions.
Provide major regional services and facilities for the handling of bulk, break-bulk, dry bulk and containerized cargoes.
Retain and expand the existing industrial, manufacturing, distribution and related employment bases within the Port District and South Jersey regions.
Respect the sensitivity of the public’s needs and concerns, as well as serve their interests by improving public awareness.
Operate our facilities in a professional and safe manner.
Foster the State of New Jersey in becoming a vital link within the world’s markets.
Deliver top quality customer satisfaction and overall experience for each unique client.

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