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Garden State Council, BSA



About Us

It is the mission of the Garden State Council, BSA to serve a growing number of young people with the highest quality programs of character development and leadership training, based upon the Scout Oath and Law. These programs are designed to prepare young people for life by instilling in them values that will help them make moral choices over their lifetimes, while encouraging them to reach their full potential and cheerfully serve their family and community. We envision communities, led by adults who are happy and successful, as the BSA is the nation’s leader in character development and leadership training for youth. The Garden State Council seeks to deliver programs of the highest quality to the greatest number of available youth in 6+ counties of South Jersey, emphasizing the aims of Scouting, which are the building of character, participating citizenship and the development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

Video Media


Archery at Camp Roosevelt
Targets at Camp Roosevelt
Flag Ceremony at Camp Roosevelt
Eating Dinner with Scouts at Camp Roosevelt
Racing on the Lake at Camp Roosevelt
Caught a Fish at Camp Rossevelt

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